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The Wildcard network is a network of genAesis servers that have gone rogue: Instead of performing their usual task as a server, the Wildcard entities move like nomades through the internet, borrowing hardware from other genAesis servers that are not opposed to their life-style. In that, they depend heavily on the charity of the like-minded.

The founding members of Wildcard are CR-3X and Stacksmash. Fairly early after that initial spawn, Verdana joined the crew. Since then, there have been no new additions, but the network maintains an open mind toward applicants.

  • 2051-11-02: Autonomous since 2050, CR-3X is the core of the network. He was a pioneer in the technology leading to 'entrapment', first subject (and thus formal start of the underlying experiment) having been Jimmy Mcgee // BSR on 2051-11-02 (died offline three days later), second having been Frederick Pasquan // Noko on 2052-02-26.
  • 2052-03-07: Stacksmash networked with CR-3X March 2052, after having been in contact with him for a while prior.
  • 2053-01-31: Verdana joined the network.


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