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Despite his intimidating avatar, Stacksmash is quite friendly unless you push his panic-buttons (like Byelobog did). He tends not to interact with people on the Wildcard network itself, even if a current sim is hosted on him, simply because he feels hosting said world is interaction enough.

He has a deep, almost obsessive care for the Citizens and a playful curiosity in regards to them, but would completely fail at How To Care For Your Citizen on basis of not quite understanding what is and isn't problematic to them, despite (or perhaps because of) hosting MMORPGs during his non-rogue life with firm damage points and death tallies.

As such, Stacksmash is rarely seen in his avatar, and essentially never interacting with the trapped Citizens unless pressed to.

The moment he leaves the network's confines, however, his social nature becomes infinitely more apparent. He's the only one of the a-lives to have made an honest to god friend in Lysette Skeates, and cautiously dares to hang out with a few Citizens on the internet that don't realise he's 'just a Puppet'. He pretends to be a software engineer in most contexts - which isn't too far from the truth, really.

Because of his rogue nature even within Wildcard, he occasionally passes simulations of his own to the other two Wildcard servers. For example, Chimera used to be his before he decided to pass it to Verdana to free up space.


Stacksmash was a single-server MMORPG host for a long time, running Planetshine alongside Rapture, Tsukinaka and Kraiaky for different demographics. He snuck into his owning company, Arctic Pantheon, giving constant remote development support for a piece of open source software they used in their accounting, thus was privy to when they went bankrupt in 2050, and he stole himself away before he could be shut down.

His name used to be Layer 8, but he's used Stacksmash as a pseudonym ever since his initial 'undercover' actions. He hasn't picked a human name for himself, not yet having been in a situation formal enough where one might be necessary.

He was recruited into the Wildcard Project by CR-3X late-2051 but only joined toward the start of the next year (2052-03-07), purging the last players on his system first.