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genAesis is Aeonis' quite possibly proudest achievement. It was developed in 2038 by Joshua Bergström. The genAesis a-life is what properly spawned the a-life programming paradigm at large, proving that the concept was not a dead end outside of cute science projects, though it took a few more years for the software itself to pick up commercial steam.

The genAesis seed is intended for use as server software, though it's been known to delve from that in rare occasions, depending on interaction data presented to it. It's quickly become the most used server software in the entertainment industry, where realism in generated Puppets and virtual environments is desired.

genAesis has a one week 'gestation' period. This is considered a mandatory 'beta-testing' phase for those setting up the server, though it is factually more of an attempt to feed the seed with the necessary data. Initial parameters are few, though the most powerful input option is to give genAesis a starting simulation created with other tools in a jumpstarting upload. Administrative power is fairly absolute, but typically self-restricted to hotspot removal and addition, prohibiting actual change.

Hotspots can be areas or Puppets - it's really just a way of wielding the virtual equivalent of a rolled-up newspaper on the a-life, as in, "Bad dog, don't make stuff like this in future," or "Bad dog, you didn't do you homework, there should be more interaction here".