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Darkscape is a fractal simulation on CR-3X and the main network hub. Questless in its nature, it permits default avatars.


The simulation is made up of a tangle of thick branches able to support the weight of a human easily without swaying - and a few thinner ones, but the majority of the sim' is made up of the larger branches.

Most notably, there are no tree trunks, there is no ground, there is no sky, though there is an extremely light drizzle of perpetual rain and - as far as physically possible weather goes, paradoxially - a constant fog that restricts one's vision to between five metres to fifty metres distance, depending on location.

Some of the branches are hollow. This happens with greater frequency in those running vertically or near-vertically than otherwise. Most links take the form of a bioluminescent blue fungus spread a way's out across such hollow interiors.


Aside from Talanashta, using Wwwire, all trapped here were connected via Aeonis.

Later, on their search for Byelobog, two Citizens living nearly at opposite ends of the globe connected here:

  • Sara Aru'ak from New Zealand, connected on 2053-04-18.
  • Anna Castillo from Reykjavik, Britannia, Europe, also connected on 2053-04-18.

Name knowledge

Joshua Bergström discovered the name of the simulation while in limbo between the simulations, speaking to the a-life personalities the network is made of.

Joshua shared his knowledge with Elizabeth Zinn later, meaning the simulation's name is quite established amongst those that are trapped.


Considered the heart of the Wildcard network, Darkscape is a symbol of CR-3X's primary role in coordinating the network's efforts.

Links out include:

Links in are less plentiful:


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