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Razor is a link hub hosted on Verdana. Visitors have the benefit of their default avatars.


Razor is a whipcord of a sim stretching like a virtual backbone through a void.

Razor is a simulation best described as a server spine, visualised.

An incredibly long tower of black rock extends up in a featureless emptiness, platforms of equal substance extending outward like calcified fungal fruit-bodies that one might expect on large, old, possibly dead trees.

Beneath each of these platforms is a blue orb, presumably a link to somewhere, typically rather tricky to reach.

At the top of the black spine, a link to Stacksmash's hub-sim sits, at the very bottom, a link to CR-3X's (Darkscape).


There are no NPCs in Razor.


No one came in during Razor.

Name knowledge

No one knows the simulation is named 'Razor'.


The Citizens were first dumped here after the destruction of Dominion. They remained in the sim for four days, wanting to see their way all the way down to one end of Razor's spine, hoping the link at the end might be a link out of the network, and instead landed in Darkscape.

The conclusion of Icarus also brought the Citizens into Razor, though this time they took the long way through the sim, ascending the spine-like structure rather than descending it. The top end of the structure spilt them into Cotyledon.


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