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Azimuth is a surreal simulation hosted on CR-3X, permitting default avatars.


The centre of Azimuth.

Azimuth is a sphere cavern, broken and incomplete layers of rocks covering the path to the central pivot much like the layers of an onion.

The outermost layer houses a slumbering dragon, half set into the stone, as if perhaps having grown into it over time. It cannot be woken - the reason seems to be the gaping hole in its chest where its heart ought to be.

The centre cannot be reached solely by climbing these strata, however - pieces of the rocks are missing, or surfaces are too smooth to climb. On each strata, however, the Citizens have the opportunity to shift... the whole of Azimuth.

The centre itself contains a globule of a translucent, black liquid, hovering as if entirely unfazed by gravity, seemingly strung up by strings made of the same substance, at the centre of which, in turn, is the organic, lazily throbbing heart of the dragon encountered at the 'start' of the simulation.



See also: Heartless' session history

The sole NPC of the realm is the unbudgingly slumbering, literally heartless dragon at the 'bottom' of Azimuth - or what is the bottom when one first links in, at any rate.

Upon finally waking, it turns out that Heartless is a hungry dragon - but, even though visitors of the sim will probably not be able to tell, its name is not a description of mood addtionally. Heartless has very little intelligence at its disposal, and if awoken, will not realise it owes its life to the unfortunates who have helped it.

Heartless is as if cast of obsidian stone, smooth-skinned, but incredibly lively animated even in ripples of his hide once finally awoken. Its most striking feature are its eyes, which radiate blue and, as the well-informed virtual traveller might notice, are actually links.

To complicate matters, both eyes link elsewhere, making coordinating a jump out of Azimuth a tricky procedure.


No actual Citizen has come into the network through Azimuth.

  • Cyrex appeared in this sim on 2053-04-30, following the others to Necropolis as 'Michael Plaskett'.

Name knowledge

In Necropolis [#070], in the middle of a heated debate, Cyrex dropped the name 'Azimuth' in a connectable context. Whether it was remembered and filed away properly is currently unclear.


Darkscape links here.

There are two links out of Azimuth, one each in either eye of Heartless after it has awoken. One of those links leads out to Necropolis. Where the other links to has yet to be determined.


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