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Rapture is a human-avatared simulation on Stacksmash.

Unlike some other simulations that force human avatars, this one does not insist the human avatar is the non-default one. People whose default avatars are purely human will keep their default avatars, and not be forced into their alternate human guises.

It is a steampunk/fantasy simulation set in the world of BioShock. It is the city at the bottom of the ocean where the first two BioShock games are set. It forces humanoid avatars since slightly non-human avatars can easily pass as Splicers.


Rapture was built at the end of World War II. It is the brainchild of one Andrew Ryan. As such, it can be partially described as being somewhat steampunk. Certain technologies have advanced far beyond even contemporary technology. For example, Plasmids are bits of genetic material that permanently fuse with the user's DNA, giving them new abilities. The Insect Swarm Plasmid transmutes the user's DNA to allow mutant wasps to nest in his/her forearms. They will attack enemies on command. Other technologies are still stuck in the 1950s era.


While in Rapture, characters will be thrown into the political upheaval that takes place before Jack Ryan's "Would You Kindly" adventure. They will have to support either Andrew Ryan or Frank Fontaine. The players residing in Frank Fontaine's territory are tasked with reaching Dunestrider, who is still being held captive in an abandoned dentist's office, somewhere closer to Fontaine headquarters than the housing district. Players who managed to find themseleves in Andrew Ryan's camp, however, face a bit of a dilemma. They could, however, fulfill an alternate quest, and search for ADAM.


The two primary NPCs which the players will interact with are of course, Andrew Ryan and Frank Fontaine. The two faction leaders will interact with players and are catalysts for the story of the sim.

Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan is the original architect and designer of the city. He holds fast to the idea of inequality between people through sheer hard work. Ryan believes that all people are equal, but can become inequal through the virtues of pulling oneself up by his own bootstraps. Players supporting Andrew Ryan will be tasked with restoring order to the city and quelling Fontaine's rebellion.

Frank Fontaine

Frank Fontaine is a businessman to the core. He is extremely cunning and opportunistic. He began a rebellion against Andrew Ryan, leading the poor and plasmid-addicted against Ryan's oligarchy. Players supporting Fontaine will be tasked with recruiting more people to support the rebellion and spying upon Andrew Ryan.

Leonard Spigots

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Little Sisters and Big Daddies

The essential BioShock experience. Rapture wouldn't be complete without players dealing with Little Sisters and Big Daddies. The duos will be scarce throughout Rapture, but should players be foolish enough to attempt to obtain ADAM from a Little Sister without a definite plan to deal with a Big Daddy their efforts will undoubtedly fail. Players should keep in mind that cooperation is key if they want to finish the sim by obtaining ADAM from a Little Sister.


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Though not necessarily enemies, encounters with Splicers will likely be unpleasant. The more violent Splicers are found in Fontaine's camp, but Andrew Ryan has a fair share under his control as well. These people are the main inhabitants of Rapture. They speak English. Players should note that Splicers are unwilling to face Big Daddies unless they're in a large group.


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Name knowledge

No one knows Rapture's name yet.


At least two links lead into Rapture - namely the implicit links from completing Planetshine or Zapoc. Where normal completion would link to is hard to say; a premature link out dumped some of the network travellers into Mer and another group into Creeper Feature.


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