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Since I think I should record somewhere what our Mer simulation does that is not canon to The Pirates of Dark Water:


  • Mer has no Dark Dweller, because the Dark Dweller is a lame pussy of a villain.
  • Mer has no Morpho. See above. (It does have Dark Disciples, though! But they're DifferentTM.)
  • We killed Ren in Mer's backstory. (That's screwed up a lot as far as canon plot goes, of course. ;D)


  • Dark Water as a pain killer stems from my interpretation of A Drop Of Darkness - Cray seems horrified, not in pain, despite dissolving thanks to the drop she ingested. So, you know. What.
  • The planetary system is my observation of the greatly varying moon size in Mer, and their erratic lighting, plus of course the gas giant in the sky.
  • Ecomancers in canon probably take their energy from Andorian soil only, but since we never see Tula obsessing with the substance (at all), I consider her taking her energy from the wind; which in turn spawned the thought that if wind and soil can be a source (where Teron clearly could not take his strength from the wind alone, so it would seem like each individual has their own source, rather than all sources working for all ecomancers), perhaps less... orthodox sources are also possible.
  • Leviathan skin is frequently cited as the only thing able to withstand Dark Water. I consider this an urban legend, since we see Dark Water trying to ensnare people repeatedly and being repelled without leaving any acid marks or any lasting damage whatsoever. I think any substance can 'withstand Dark Water', providing it isn't enveloped in it or (if it's a creature) has ingested any of it, in which case all bets are off. I also imagine that Dark Water can't stomach non-organic substances, so rocks, sand, glass and comparable objects are quite capable of containing it.



  • Tsawa are strange creatures with the neck and head of a swan, a long, whip-like tail, and distantly bat-like, triangular leathery wings attached to a hindlegless body. Singular is 'Tsawan' or 'Tsawar' depending on context; former is self-claimed, the other term is more of a reference to the species, thus used in a derogatory fashion. Like many sapient winged species on Mer, Tsawa are chiefly oppressed. They're rare, though, so their story is hardly well-known - even to members of their own kind.


Names for things that did not have names in canon:

  • The character in the Abbey of Galdabar has been named Tafar.
  • The island of the Mobos has been named Azacea.
  • The sea around Cray's Citadel has been named Setadi Ocean.
  • Firfrey's species has been named Jacorda.
  • The island the Atani live on has been named Atanon.
  • The ocean from The Little Leviathan has been named Natai Ocean.

Names without corporeal context:

  • Rael and Vesh are two major gods alongside Kunda, considered a rough triad with the prime deity.


  • Nado is the island Azur's backstory plays on and is entirely non-canon.
  • Mnadira is a somewhat freakish looking island that takes after the Dragon's Maw's idea of physics, i.e. we can make water do crazy plateau-like things in the middle of the ocean. It could also have been called Archleone's Grave if anyone in-character had any clairvoyance abilities at all.
  • Vool and Cascadea were the locations for two Treasures found by the antagonists that I was actually looking forward to bullshitting into existence (you'll find the names have been on this page forever if you look at the history ^_~), but alas, it wasn't supposed to happen. They were never seen, nor even so much as described in passing.


  • Treasures can be guided by skilled ecomancers to half-merge with a creature and protect it - but it does a shoddy job at it. See Andorus.
  • Kunda is considered the god of wind (also the benign lack thereof) and air and the two Merian moons (partly responsible for the tides as they are). This is also in contrast to our two imaginodeities Vesh and Rael, who're responsible for the sky-and-sun and ground-and-water respectively. Layer system of gods. Also, Kunda's the only good-guy, which is why no one in their right mind would praise anything else. ...and there's a huge religious tangent we went on a few months into playing that utterly dominated our plot and simultaneously basically made canon look like it was made for childr- oh wait, it was, nevermind.