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The term anachronaut is what the Qusp-bearing humans in Mimosa call the travellers from 23rd century Earth: People that left the Earth around that time to travel away from it in cryostasis, deliberately hoping to be outpaced and to discover an interesting future of mankind after their own timed return to life.

They're not taken seriously - and were, in fact, subject to something of a part-prank, part-desperate-measure that propagated from world to world, wherein fantastic and untrue tales of the progression of gender identity and politics were fed to them. (Unsurprisingly, they've figured that out by now and they're rather frustrated about it.)


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Selman is the closest thing to 'in charge' of one of the anachronaut vessels that their shallow hierarchies allow for.

He's fairly quiet for a leader, renowned for strategic thinking; and he's grown up with values such as self-sacrifice, one of several notions close to his heart. He has no love in his heart for the Qusp-bearing humans, but he accepts their existence and wouldn't dare challenge it just because they're different - but like most of his crew, he believes that as they've systematically removed the hardships out of their lives, they don't know how to deal with opposition.

Both for the sake of his own crew and for theirs, he's determined to stop the novo-vacuum from further expansion... regardless what it takes. One might consider him a noble, valiant hero, but in truth it's not just technology he's out of touch with - the psychological paradigm shift he superficially observes has deeper causes than he comprehends.

He has a gentle, supportive personality, but it's laced with determination, and he doesn't object to violence on a principle. The ends justify the means - there's no doubt about that in his mind.


Selman is a stolid atheist, entirely rejecting the notion of any deities lending him or anyone else a hand, or even just passively creating the universe he inhabits. Nonetheless, he's grown up in a time on Earth where religions were wide-spread, and his mode of speech will occasionally refer to them.

His lack of a belief in a higher power or an afterlife is in part what drives him to so desperately preserve the existing universe.

Stance on Qusp-bearing culture

Selman views mankind's successors, in a term, as children. He understands that they're technologically powerful and have a wide array of intellectual tools at their disposal, but he also understands that they've systematically erased all hardship from their life. Combined with the way they don't seem to be focussing all their resources on the destruction of the novo-vacuum, he draws the (false) conclusion that they no longer understand mortal danger.

In a phrase, they frustrate him, but he feels an urge to protect them regardless. Unlike some of his crew, he very much considers them human beings, however naive and alien in culture - and if that includes protecting them from themselves, he'll do as much.

Stance on his crew-mates

Selman has a deep bond toward his crew, in part given that they're an island of familiarity in a wholly alien world. While they set out on their travel having only their curiosity in common, he considers them family now, all of whom he loves very much. Meanwhile, Murasaki is the closest to a soul mate that he has - but, while the bond runs deep, it's entirely platonic.


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Christa is part of Selman's crew.


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Murasaki is part of Selman's crew.