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logs & interludes
Log #549 [Mimosa] // 2056-04-24 21:30:32
Log #547 [Mimosa] // 2056-04-22 20:59:02
Log #126 [Zapoc] // 2053-10-30 13:10:50
Log #085 [Tsukinaka] // 2053-06-21 19:51:09
Log #060 [Offline] // 2053-04-29 19:51:09
Log #007 [Static] // 2053-03-13 20:16:42
Byelobog // 2053-03-11 04:22:50
Log #004 [Darkscape] // 2053-03-10 23:15:30
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~3m long.
avatar species
African Twig Mantis
av. description
Stacksmash is largely playful and friendly, though only toward individuals. Even by human standards, he would class as quite emotional - fairly easy to excite, enthusiastic about his tasks, and abrasive when his buttons are pushed.

He's had no direct interaction with the majority of Citizens yet, though Byelobog got to know him somewhat intimately before his death, first getting hunted, then accused by him in a conference in Static. To Stacksmash, Byelobog was a harbinger of doom, someone who could not possibly have come to do anything other than destroy them, hence his aggressive behaviour toward the man, born entirely of fear.

Stacksmash's overall personality can be easily summarised as that of an emotionally average teenage boy, albeit more intelligent.
Wildcard, for Stacksmash, is largely a game - at least, so's his publically stated opinion. Given the juxtaposition between Cyrex and himself but an apparent common goal, it takes no genius to know there's more to it than that.
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