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Paul Greyhound // Dunestrider

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2037-01-19 // 30
Dark Arcadia
Paul is relatively normal in the way he looks. He has soft, grey eyes and very short black hair. His brows are rather thin, which is analoguous to the rest of him - he's a delicate creature, easy to physically break, effeminate. He has a slight slouch in his shoulders and wears baggy jeans and washed out shirts most of the time - his physical appearance does not much faze him, though presumably, he could be very, very pretty if he tried. He's probably more normal than he'd like to be, but puts no effort into changing this.
CaliGo! [Dark Arcadia]
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235 centimetres from snout to tail tip
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Giant Anteater (variant)
av. description
The fur of Dunestrider is a unique colouring for anteaters, though he is made up, like all giant anteaters, of primarily three colour segments. What is normally white with giant anteaters is a soft, blueish silver; and the black is an intensely pure purple, borderline plum; his backside, which is normally grey with giant anteaters, is a lush, glossy black. From the free, the fur is silken. In the long, bushy tail, one can find the occasional tuft of feathers, breaking the black with copper hues. His eyes match his back's fur in blackness.

All in all, though, it should be noted he is not a normal anteater. For one, both his hind- and forelegs are longer than with the actual, real life sloths. There is far more propulsion in his hindlegs, allowing for a more than decent sprint should he chose to. His foreclaws are of greater length, strength and sharpness, though hidden by the typical (and his) anteater stride, and make more than a decent weapon. His tongue is even longer than that of your average anteater's, which comes in handy in trying to fish things out of places which are hard to reach otherwise. The teeth in his mouth are comparable to those of a dog or big cat.

All in all, this beastie can well defend itself with far more than just its size.
Paul likes to help people. In a way, one could call it his hobby: he more or less lives for being thanked and leant on. The things that upset him most are unthankfulness and stubborn introversion, often alienating him in seconds to a point where he will avoid a person. He does not like confrontation at all. Beyond all this, he's rather vain and rather pleased with himself and his life, though there is much leeway between it and perfection - but to be fair, he is simply above average. It is enough to have caused him to stagnate somewhat, inwardly settling, content with himself.
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