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Hakumele // Hakumele

character belongs to: Morgrim
played by: Morgrim
logs & interludes
2038-11-09 // 26
Dark Arcadia
Bottle nosed Dolphin
CaliGo! [Dark Arcadia]
avatar gender
avatar size
3 metres across wingtips, about the same beak to stinger
avatar species
av. description
An odd melding of elements with a heavy pterosaur influence. The 'arms' of the wings are surprisingly muscular and capable of delivering a solid thwak, the lower fin being even stronger (as it is used to launch into the air) while that of the upper fin is comparatively weak. The sails are leathery with a slightly ridged texture and dull cream in colour, with additional markings in rusty crimson on the upper sail. Her skin is a mid brown, oddly warm to the touch very slightly textured; clearly reptilian, but without scales and rather more pliable. Hakumele's tail is semi-stiff, able to be whipped down along the vertical plane hard but rather less able to flex side to side. At the tip of the tail is a barb similar to that of a scorpion that can be curled up somewhat (allowing it to be used as a club) or jabbed at foes. Along the crown of her head is another much smaller crest with similar markings to the back sail.

Lacking any legs, Hakumele's avatar means she spends most of her time hovering in place when not travelling. While it can land, moving about can only occur by propping herself up with the muscular leading edge of her wings and lower sail and creeping along with a half hopping/half crawling motion. To take off again requires curling tail under to use as a spring, snapping it straight at the same time as leaping up using the aforementioned limbs.

When attacked, Hakumele is capable of descending on a steep angle to strike at her opponent with her barbed tail and snap at with slightly beaked jaws, even cuffing with wings in a pinch.

Human avatar:
Light brown skin and very dark brown nearly black eyes, of average height and weight. Her most memorable feature is being completely hairless: bald, no body hair, no eyelashes. The place where eyebrows should be is marked on the skin itself like a tattoo in acknowledgement that brows are an important gestural feature to humans.

The other odd feature are her facial markings/makeup/tattoos. A broad navy blue band extends over her eyes and tapers off near her ears. Two thinner lines split from it near the inner corners of her eyes and extend diagonally across her cheeks. The pigment is part of her skin and cannot be removed.
Curious, open and friendly, expecting the best of others until they indicate otherwise. Interested in learning about others and communicating with them despite the frustrations caused by the extreme language barrier and often alien concepts humans hold.
Hakumele is a dolphin. Yes, a dolphin. She is one of the longest serving participants of the Cetacean Communication Project, a Dark Arcadian program aimed at reducing the language barriers between the species. To log online, a specially modified browser hooked up to an aquatic cradle is used.

As one of the members of the original project that resulted in dolphins being declared people under Dark Arcadian law, Hakumele applied for and was granted Citizenship, being the first non-human to receive it.