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Frederick Pasquan // Noko

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2036-08-13 // 30
Europe: Britannia: Liverpool
Frederick is fairly thin in build, and a smidgeon on the short side of tallness. His skin, while pale, is not ghostish. He has fairly clear blue eyes, irides speckled with the barest hint of brown, and straight, shoulder-length black hair. He typically wears it so it half-obscures his right eye and that side of his face, though when focussing on a manual task will tuck the hair - often futilely - behind the respective ear.

He doesn't care much for what he wears, so it can be anything, though he shows a marginal preference for darker tones, especially black, but he puts no notable effort into any one outfit.
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Deinonychus antirrhopus
av. description
Noko's online appearance is that of a black raptorian. Since he retains no real memory of his 'past life' in the offline world, the source of the avatar remains unknown, but he seems quite comfortable in it despite its intimidating appearance:

Looking a human in the eye when standing properly, Nokoraptor is about as thin as his human counterpart, and - for a raptorian - has little strength, but the renowned speed of the same. Unlike his offline appearance, his neck-plume does not extend out straight, but instead is a tangle of black, resting about his neck far more like a mane than a graceful crest of feathers.

His claws have the same dark colouring as his scales, as does his entire plumage, giving him the appearance of a walking shadow of himself.

His eyes seem like pupilless, featureless red orbs, but on closer inspection, the border of the iris and the pupil itself, though both mere shades of red, can be made out like an intricate pattern.

The most notable aspect of his avatar, however, is a set of black, vinyl, elbow-length gloves, perfectly tailored to the raptorian physique. Where the ridges of his hands are - where the tendons pull taut to move his fingers - a low row of short spikes sits. The spikes grow toward his knuckles, at point of them abruptly stopping after reaching half an inch of height - and they taper together toward his wrist, maybe a fifth of an inch high at point of converging to a single line that then traces in a lazy helix up one and a half revolutions to the end of the gloves near his elbows. The helix winds clockwise on his left arm and counter-clockwise on his right.

Beneath the gloves are his true weapon - forget the sickle claws at his rear legs that raptorians are renowned for, Nokoraptor wields liquid nitrogen like serpents wield poison: His claws leak the substance, freezing on contact.

Take his gloves away, though, and you leave him with no other option - he can't stop the process, meaning that without said gloves, he cannot touch anything he doesn't want to freeze.
Frederick is mostly a laisser-faire individual with a cynical, dark humour, but a vivid love for life. The world he's grown up in is the server itself - he habitually hunts for food or seeks it out, even though he doesn't need to eat, simply because he is convinced he has to. He's not entirely sure what to make of the sentient newcomers to his world - are they snacks or are they friends? The concept of latter excites him, so he's not all too eager to treat them as former, but never underestimate the animal in him.
Frederick was trapped on the server two years before anyone else in current Wildcard canon, and has, through unfortunately circumstances, all but forgotten his offline life. He'll vigorously deny the existence of the same, or at least its importance, and is quite adamant about getting people to accept the world they have landed in.