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7 metres long
avatar species
Baryonyx (variant)
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The base of Adrethyrian's form is that of a black-scaled Baryonyx. He's a smidgeon smaller than the creatures are renowned for, but the general shape of the body is best compared to them.

The two most immediately obvious deviations from the form are the scruff of white feathers he wears like a mane, and that his forearms are considerably longer than they would be in the species: In him, his arms basically as long as his legs.

The two other deviations from the Baryonyx form are a bit more subtle. For one, he doesn't have the snout ridge; or at least, it's not nearly as defined. For two, while he shares the Baryonyx concept of 'massive foreclaw', his three-fingered hands turn it into a plural, each finger having one. His variant of said claw straightens the usual curve of Baryonyx' (meant for fish-catching as it was) and lengthening it. He has no opposable thumb, making him, in essence, all fighting machine.

The most notable attribute of his form is his speed - his strength is quite comparable to what a Baryonyx would exhibit.
Adrethyrian's personal quest is to hunt down the Citizens and make them pay for what they left behind in Eclipsed. In essence, this makes him a very cranky, angry, and dangerous individual - fortunately, the lack of sunstones outside his now deep-fried home world keep him largely at bay, unwilling to risk this final avatar of his in battle - but he'll pick off stragglers.

Generally, he's fiercely protective and territorial, though beyond the quest already noted, it's unlikely to be relevant. He cares a lot for the culture that the Citizens doomed to painful demise.

Since Frederick had helped him, he doesn't hate the boy as much as the others.
Adrethyrian was a Puppet in Eclipsed. Unbeknownst to the Citizens that encountered him there, he was an autonomous Puppet, not bound to remaining in the sim. Where they had hoped to escape him forever once leaving the sim, it turned out that leaving him behind was not nearly that easy.
2009-04-27 23:10:54
Tragically misunderstood quasi-hero. With an attitude. A badass muthafucka attitude. You don't want to mess with this guy! He's very fun to cower from.

Smiley that best describes him? >:|

Most famous words burnt in memory? "NAI ITA'A. >:|"

Yesss. Roleplay needz moar Adrethyrian.