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Nechku's pocket hub

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Nechku's pocket hub is a small simulation in Wildcard that Nechku made for herself chiefly for navigational purposes. She has the power to shape it as she pleases, though she rarely uses it - and has very little practise in it, so it tends to be gradual when it does happen.

The network's largest as well as currently active sims float amidst the room as different coloured orbs that reveal some of the landscape of the destination sim in their shining faces if approached. If touched, they offer a small prompt to the person that passed a hand through them as to whether they want to be connected there.

The hub is inaccessible to anyone but Nechku and those Nechku summons, unless she's given them a beacon that lets them appear in her lair at will.

The most notable feature of the hub, however, is probably the wall with insets of what at first appears like rectangles of ice. Further inspection reveals that they're really large cubes with figures frozen within - Nechku's morbid collection of resurrected dead Puppet-Citizens that no one will honestly be suspecting she has, much less be missing.


  • Adrethyrian; whom she'd never returned to the Citizens as much as simply copied him for them again.
  • Archleone; perhaps as a point of reference for how normal people are - perhaps unaware that he's not very normal at all.
  • Corinthian; because he's crazy and occasionally she likes that.
  • Erika; because the sensory mapping intrigues her.
  • Ian (Dread); for probably obvious reasons.
  • Jochen; largely because he's pleasantly trivial to terrify.

Knowledge of existence

There are few people who know the place exists. She doesn't meet people in the hub, but in neutral locations, so it takes a conscious decision of hers to reveal the place to anyone. Her former colleague, Linus, however, was told about it - and the usual network suspects (Silence and the servers themselves) are informed.


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