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Nado cultists

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The Nado cultists were the primary Puppet antagonists in Mer.


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Ezadir is the 'head priest' of the Nado Dark Water cult. According to Azur, he 'inherited' the position from Julian forcefully after leading a revolt that resulted in the murder of the previous leader. Ezadir doesn't have an actual title - the cult itself doesn't use any - but he's at the top of the pecking order and has been for a few years now, though if forced to apply a title for himself by way of pointedly formal introduction, he would do so as 'Reverend Ezadir'.

He has a few personal issues with Azur (explained by Azur in #245) and was willing to trade a Treasure of Rule for Azur's capture back when he simply thought them laughable toys that had no relevance to his deity's existence but as bedtime stories - but since he became aware of Adrethyrian's unexpected immunity to the Nado cult's Dark Water darts, he is no longer entirely convinced the Treasures of Rule are worthless, and thus plots the demise of those questing for them.

Ezadir is generally polite, though not very patient, especially when he believes himself to have the upper hand. His offers tend to be reasonable and fair... but still rarely a good idea for the other party.

Nado cult

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The rest of the Nado cult can be considered Ezadir's loyal minions. Well, presumably loyal. We've yet to see them do anything that doesn't look like loyalty, anyway!

Careful, often armed with Dark Water darts. Do not provoke when armed this way, unless you fancy the idea of being eaten from the inside by Dark Water - painless though that may be, it's typically fairly drawn-out and terrifying.