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Robert (Bob) Owens // Ursa Major

character belongs to: Kaelas
played by: Kaelas [87%] and Kor [12%]
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2035-06-17 // 29
Alaska: Anchorage
Close-cropped brown hair, Caucasian (and very much so due to staying inside nearly all the time), hazel eyes. Bob used to be pretty active before so he has the build of a general athlete that's wasted away.
ursamajor _17@monsoon.co.ak
Monsoon [North America]
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Polar Bear
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Reaching just over fifteen feet at the shoulder if he rears up on his back legs and weighing in at almost two and a half tons (with armor), Bob plays the part of a furry battle tank for his sister most of the time and stays on all fours. He wears burnished copper colored armor that covers most of his body and covers his front claws- his armor also has grips for Lyra's hands and feet so she can ride him in an almost prone position.
Thanks to his birth defect, congenital analgesia, Bob has never felt and doesn't really understand pain. This has made him very reckless with is own safety. On the other hand, after seeing his sister get hurt once or twice when they were young, he became fiercely protective of her. Even after his accident, he remains much as he was, simply channeling his drive into the online world.
Shortly after getting his learner's permit, Bob had a serious accident. He was paralyzed from the waist down and so he's stated living primarily online in order to continue doing the kind of things he used to do in real life- of course, online life has the added bonus of being a massive bear.