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played by: Reh [97%] and Pinkgothic [2%]
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5'8" (173 cm)
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Joukahainen is a bit on the short side, and has a fairly average build. He has light blue eyes and keeps his auburn hair fairly short. He's generally fairly well-dressed: white button-down shirt, tan trousers, and his trademark fedora and trenchcoat. Ever since the end of Dominion, the lower parts of his pants and trenchcoat have irremovable black stains from Shahrivar's blood. He has, on several occasions, tried to wash them out and failed; eventually he just accepted them as a permanent reminder of his act of deicide.
Joukahainen has some serious issues.

Despite having a fairly pleasant attitude most of the time, he has a lot of pent-up angst and depression that he does all he can to keep buried. He's acquired a purpose, to prevent another world from being destroyed like Dominion was. While this helps a lot in combatting the depression, in spite of all his efforts, he still can't quite put his past behind him.

All that aside, Joukahainen comes off as being very charismatic. Occasionally too much for his own good -- he seems to have a knack for getting people, especially other Puppets, to trust him. He can be very manipulative when he wants to be, but generally hasn't been for quite some time.

Joukahainen also has a tendency to ramble about philosophy. You have been warned.
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