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Daeva Jamal Delaney-Dalca // Nechku

character belongs to: Pinkgothic
played by: Pinkgothic
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2011-08-12 // 55
Nechku has auburn hair streaked with sporadic, thin 'highlights' of black, a saturated, dark flavour of magenta and occasional wine red. Her eyes are an unexciting shade of blue-gray. Her complexion is pale, since she has extremely light sensitive eyes that've effectively kept her out of the sunlight all her life.

Nechku's idea of pretty attire is a fairly casual set of thin black trousers, a black (not leather) jacket with white decorative bands where a rain jacket might have its cords, and a splash of dark magenta as her shirt.

She never wears high-heels, instead opting for more comfortable footwear such as sneakers. These are either all black, all white, or contain elements of either.

One of Nechku's most striking features by way of dressing is that she always wears a pair of black gloves, typically undecorated, thin rubber ending halfway up her lower arms. They do change relatively frequently, though, since she has a habit of chewing on them and can't stand to see them marred.
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Her default online appearance is, uninspiredly, the same as her offline appearance.

Of course, she's perfectly capable of being 'incognito', though she ties this to connecting through a different ISP. Obscuring her offline looks, she tends to prowl the internet as a meerkat, then calling herself 'Orissa Mahari'.
Superficially, the first impression Nechku gives people is apathy and indifference. She offers little opinion on anything and makes few judgements, though often gives people the impression that she disapproves of them.

The moment she's confronted with something slightly out of the ordinary, however, she is easily fascinated - though her involvement in whatever it may be tends to be more passive than active wherever possible. She prefers observing to interacting.

Additionally, she's lived a surprisingly sheltered life in regards to power - she's always had it and there's never been a serious threat of losing it. In that, she's certainly more fickle than one might assume from her so unmoving exterior.
Close friends of Nechku occasionally call her 'Dee', otherwise she either insists on 'Nechku' or 'Miss Delanay-Dalca'. Other nicknames tend to fall into disuse after they cause her to grimace repeatedly.