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Cyrex [CR-3X]

character belongs to: Pinkgothic
played by: Pinkgothic
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avatar gender
avatar size
About four metres in length and just a touch taller than a human.
avatar species
Alien xenomorph (human genotype)
av. description
As a xenomorph, there's nothing special to him.

In rare cases, he manifests himself in a human avatar (then under the pseudonym of 'Michael Plaskett' when pressed), however:

Wearing his shoulder-length dark hair bound into a ponytail - the hair not nearly as smooth as hair could be, as if he were trying to tug curls out of it by binding it back as it does - he looks like he's in his mid-thirties. He'd easily class as something of a stick insect, excessiely tall and fragile, with dull blue eyes framed by black-rimmed, thin, rectangular glasses, and commonly wears a royal blue shirt under a black, short jacket, with equally dark jeans.
Cyrex's exact motivations are hard to peg, but he seems to have an astounding calmness when dealing with the people trapped on the network. However, trying to convince him of letting anyone offline seems like swimming upstream - he's resolute as one would expect a program to be, though he refuses to indulge anyone in his reasons.

He has almost godfatherly qualities in that he prides himself a great listener. Entrapment with Cyrex is a little like some bizarre, extreme form of house-arrest for some minor transgression only he knows about. He does seem to speak to most of those trapped in his simulations more like a parent might to a child - not like a prison guard or slave driver.